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  1. Favorite caliber for self defense?
  2. Do you use airsoft or other force-on-force in your defensive training?
  3. CCWing the Glock 20
  4. The PPS is a superb CCW pistol.....
  5. What "ignition system" do you most often use?
  6. Talk to me a bit about the S&W airweights
  7. What distance do you zero you sd/hd carbine for?
  8. Small pistol suggestions for pocket rocket carry? Weight loss also discussed
  9. Opinions on personal defense weapon
  10. New HD system......
  11. Opinions on a CZ for personal defense
  12. By popular demand, the Kel Tec P3AT range report (pic heavy)
  13. FBI spec ammo or not?
  14. Glocks vs 1911
  15. Hand gun prefrence
  16. Auto Shotgun for Home Defense?
  17. What is your most reliable and accurate pistol and why?
  18. Anybody shot the 100gr.9mm Powerball ammo out of a Beretta 92?
  19. CCW application
  20. Hard Chrome Question......
  21. The youngest kid "gets it"
  22. Which .22 LR round for self defense?
  23. Interesting burglary tactic...
  24. Negligent discharge.......
  25. Pharmacist who shot & killed robber gets life sentence
  26. Once again since we lost the old threads.... How to do the paperwork on a SBR?
  27. CCW update.
  28. IDPA styled events.
  29. What am I looking for in a good paddle holster?
  30. Price check. Mills Fleet Farm
  31. Carrying while cycling?
  32. 9mm +P
  33. CCWing on our walk
  34. A spin on getting pulled while carrying (Oh Scott, an idear for your show!)
  35. Defense while on crutches
  36. Holsters and the draw
  37. Any thoughts on an IWB holster?
  38. First time carrying, I have some questions.
  39. Colt Delta Elite 10 MM
  40. Why do you need a 32rd magazine?
  41. Fit for defense?
  42. Dressing your kids for defense.
  43. What would you do?
  44. 2nd Amendment saves a guy. Too bad it was a small caliber.
  45. Belly Band?
  46. 45 apc self defense loads?
  47. Playboy Playmate Arrested With Loaded Gun at Orlando Airport
  48. Would/do you carry handcuffs?????
  49. CQB Sights for AR-15
  50. If this is becoming a trend, I'm all for it!!
  51. Group Home Invasion Scenario not so far-fetched?
  52. Question P95 Ruger
  53. What do YOU feel is the most important aspect of CCW
  54. New cut-E poke-E thing personal defense device
  55. Best home defense weapon
  56. Beretta 92 magazines at the gun show
  57. Really!?!!?
  58. Rem UHD .45 acp
  59. question 9mm gold dots
  60. Duty weapon vs personal- what are they and which do you prefer?
  61. Glaser Blue Safety Slugs
  62. Colorado men convicted of homicide by shooting burglar
  63. Went to the range Saturday....
  64. How come a civilian can't buy an H&K MP7A1?
  65. interesting LE statistics
  66. Another criteria in choosing a personal defense handgun
  67. Personal Defense knowledge, what is your source ?
  68. They'll just take it away from you and use it against you
  69. Another thug finds street justice
  70. Which 5.56 ammo for defense?
  71. 9/11 range day- tried the El Presidente
  72. Homeowner Fires Shotgun At Burglars
  73. Thugs open fire on a bus in Philadelphia.
  74. 9 silly meter for SD
  75. Florida firm welcomes clients with AK-47
  76. Why Tasers aren't a good SD choice.......
  77. Which Milsurp pistol would you choose for Concealed Carry?
  78. Dad was right....Observations from CCW Class...
  79. Looking for cheap CC gun
  80. .410 revolver vs 20ga shotgun?
  81. Now that it is cool
  82. Should I or Should I not
  83. Guys, I need help from your wives/girlfriends/daughters...
  84. .45ACP vs .45GAP
  85. Alright boys, got the funds, help me pick my CCW.
  86. New Resolve / CCW as much as possible.
  87. .45 Long Colt 250 gr Gold Dot
  88. 12 Gauge Apartment Defense Loads?
  89. Thoughts on CCW
  90. Very serious 9mm question......
  91. Personal defense tactics in anarchy
  92. Self Defense Shooting Insurance
  93. Get out of the car!!!
  94. Protecting the neighbors.
  95. McDonalds cashier attacks customers or self defense? You decide
  96. Questions for those with LE experience
  97. Suitability of birdshot in a handgun for SD/HD
  98. A CCW does not make you a LEO....
  99. What would have happened?
  100. AR-15 For Home defense?????????????
  101. Best, inexpensive AR-15 for Home Defense
  102. Handgun poll
  103. Local attempted home invasion leaves me at a loss of words.
  104. For God's sake, put the gun down...
  105. Sheriff with a 'Tude!
  106. Why concealed?
  107. Sight in
  108. Elmer Keith never even pointed a gun at anyone
  109. Mas Ayoob thought a "melted Micro" sight got that way by using a torch! :-)
  110. Move over Texas!
  111. Thoughts on Sig Sauer SP 2022
  112. Home invasion video
  113. Self defense 12g ammo
  114. I actually OC'd some today
  115. .410 Revisited
  116. What to do with no carry places?
  117. Beretta PX4 Storm
  118. Favorite Personal Defense account
  119. Found an IWB holster that I actually like!
  120. Virginia Man Dies
  121. I'm ready for the zombies ;)
  122. Guns on Campus
  123. Mossberg 930 SPX Opinions?
  124. New Concealed Carry Holster
  125. PA residents: we now have reciprocity with Maine!
  126. 38 Special: 125 or 158 Grain For SD?
  127. Shotgun ghost ring sights
  128. A r15 info
  129. Guns in the news............Warning shots fired
  130. Short Barrel 9mm......What load for carry?
  131. 10 mm v.s. 45 ACP
  132. Muzzle flash. Real concern, or internet BS?
  133. Shots fired outside the other night
  134. Potential road rage incident
  135. Robbers pick the wrong Denny's, armed customer fights back
  136. Late night knock on the door -- the good kind
  137. Beretta 92a1 question.......
  138. Houston attempted car theft goes bad -- for the robbers
  139. When do you get involved?
  140. Benelli SuperNova Tactical or Nova Pump Tactical 12 GA Shotguns for home D?
  141. Does anyone else here own an LC9?
  142. interview with Mas Ayoob
  143. An old teacher is interested in firearms related self defense, what info to send?
  144. Rate of rifling twist on handgun stopping power.
  145. Follow up on my former Teacher who wishes to arm herself
  146. Beretta Nano - Personal Report
  147. A tip of the hat to our Houston LEOs
  148. The FBI backs me up- USE A HOLSTER!
  149. Mossberg 930 SPX Range & Bench Report
  150. I'm pretty sure I've decided on my final carry rig (now just to wait)
  151. News from Oklahoma Shooter.....
  152. Does your choice of weapons or carry method change with the seasons?
  153. Personal Defense light
  154. Average cost of personal defense ammo at the LGS
  155. Ruger LCR in 22LR?
  156. Anyone see one of these
  157. Delta Elite at the range today
  158. Pocket .380 suggestions for the Mrs.
  159. EFMJ/Guard Dog ammo
  160. Always be mindful of your surroundings!
  161. What do you think the national mood will be as 12/21/12 approaches?
  162. Ever wish you had or were glad you hadn't?
  163. Theft Via Cloning Keyless Entry
  164. Gun Magnets
  165. New pokey stabby cutty, sort of...
  166. this happened to me
  167. How much range training time?
  168. Widow Kills Intruder-- Story on Good Morning America
  169. Milt Sparks Watch Six, anyone have one?
  170. Sources for CCW, Open Carry, etc. informantion for use in discussions.
  171. So Why Don't More Shooter Types Join The Military?
  172. American Gunfight
  173. Police fatal shooting, boy had realistic pellet pistol
  174. Just one reason why I love the USA
  175. for teachers,trainers your thoughts on this
  176. .22 mag critical defense
  177. ammo to use
  178. .22 Mag Critical defense 2d edition
  179. How to simulate tactical training for SD if you can't actually do the tactical
  180. Bushmaster AR15
  181. A couple of My ideas on Personal Defense
  182. 911 and self defense
  183. Guard Dog ammo
  184. Personal Defense lights re-hashed !!
  185. Self Defence at a bargain ???
  186. It just goes to show no place is sacred.
  187. Plastic frame fad
  188. Important Personal Defense reminder !!!
  189. How many 'different' guns do you carry?
  190. Always check your/others guns to make sure they are not loaded
  191. Popular Mechanics and HD
  192. Personal Defense TV w/TDI 01-25-12
  193. 3 teens rob 65yr old man , ,
  194. False alarm last night but maybe instructive
  195. What does concealment really mean?
  196. Dont try to rob an Awful Waffle in SC!
  197. New TV show... Doomsday Preppers
  198. Mom defends herself against burglar!!
  199. need some gun advise
  200. LEOs - what is your primary handgun caliber?
  201. Stashed guns
  202. Newbie looking for a new subcompact
  203. Irresponsible gun owners, drinking and shooting edition
  204. 6 people shot <2.5 miles from my house
  205. One thing I've learned about concealed carry
  206. Home Defense Shotgun
  207. Intended victims fight back during cellphone robbery.......
  208. Odd rechambering issue article
  209. Interesting HD item
  210. IRONIC
  211. Small-grip semi-auto handgun for personal defense
  212. Kel-tec pmc-30
  213. Revolvers just ain't cool!
  214. Good anti Car-jacking device
  215. S & W Bodyguard .38..
  216. Advice on carrying a 1911 concealed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Weak eye rifle shooting
  218. Vanguard "Holster"
  219. Man-shot-to-death-while-holding-baby
  220. I'm looking to buy new CCW 9mm compact...please advise
  221. Another reason to not bother with warning shots
  222. Critical duty ammo
  223. .38 special for Self Defense??
  224. Does anyone own a sig 357????
  225. Concealed Carry for Overweight Men
  226. Could a backup gun hurt you in a SD aftermath?
  227. IWB carry
  228. Good all around handgun for ccw and plinking?
  229. Potential for a good reason to visit Puerto Rico! bruchi, have you heard?
  230. Concealed Carry Size
  231. How many of you...
  232. Defensive handgun capacity: how much of a concern is it for you?
  233. Poll - have you ever had to fire your handgun in defense?
  234. Home Invasion
  235. Home defense plan.
  236. Pocket carry: semi-auto or revolver?
  237. Question for you CCW folks??????
  238. Dooms Day Prepared???
  239. Sanford shooting
  240. Pocket carry update - I picked up a ...
  241. We need jeans made for CCW...
  242. What is a "shoot me first" shirt?
  243. EDC (every day carry) Porn.
  244. An interesting drill that I came up with.
  245. What's the best weapon for defense against gorillas?
  246. S&W 360 snubnose 357 mag Field Review CCW
  247. What do you think is the best HD long arm?
  248. New .45 acp double barrel 1911 model.
  249. Light cavalry zombie attack vehicle
  250. guns in my local news