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  1. Target and Marksmanship Training Act
  2. truTV's Next Stupid Show
  3. Another good story about the gun walker fiasco
  4. Self defense in the UK...
  5. Stephen Colbert Super PAC Approved
  6. NRA sponsoring petition drive to remove Eric Holder from Justice Dept.
  7. Herman Cain
  8. Gun related law wish list
  9. Wisconsin is getting ccw
  10. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Push for HR 822
  11. More on the ATF / Mexican Gun-Run
  12. Extemporaneous speech vs. prepared speech
  13. Bureaucratic stupidity!
  14. Marxism in America,,,Its comming!!!!
  15. Obama/AG/State Dept trying to stop TX execution
  16. Health Care and those less fortunate
  17. Car repair ordinance
  18. Is anyone else sick of the 2012 election yet?
  19. Like salt to a wound!
  20. Operation Castaway: ATF walking guns into Honduras?
  21. TSA employee steals $50,000 of electronics at Florida airport
  22. $800 million is a start
  23. Obama's agenda: view from an old college classmate...Wayne Allyn Root
  24. Contact your congressional rep, urge no new taxes
  25. ATF Trying to Make New Reporting Rule for Border States
  26. Idiots (I mean politicians) with guns
  27. M.O.H. Ceremony ...
  28. Lying to congress rant
  29. Debt Limit members poll
  30. Executive Order 13575
  31. Iowa Congressman's Home Invasion
  32. I think Herman Cain blew it big time yesterday
  33. Operation Cigaretterunner?
  34. A Bullet Tax ???
  35. Now here is a promising political canadate....
  36. Archie Bunker on Obama.
  37. Ms. Bucktooth meets her match- - - - -I love it!
  38. Traffic stop in Ohio, ugly abuse of CCW holder
  39. Norway - where is Rebecca Peters?
  40. A new Term: 'Stochastic Terrorism' Ever head of this?"
  41. Norway, it started?
  42. Obama-UN Gun Control Treaty
  43. Canton Ohio Cop and CCW Holder
  44. Any good new about the US buget yet?
  45. Good definition
  46. Full auto, high capacity black evil rifles in CHICAGO?
  47. FL Sheriff says his officers will "Draw Down" on Open Carry
  48. Border security problems!
  49. Prediction from the 50s and 60s that didn't come true
  50. Missouri To Drug Test Welfare Recipients
  51. Civilization, Freedom - Our Perceptions
  52. Congress/President,, Compromise on debt ceiling...
  53. Interesting CCW article in the Detroit Free Press
  54. Obama sues Alabama for protecting is borders...
  55. Free cell phones are now a 'civil right'???!!!
  56. This is the real reason the economy is stalled
  57. When is enough, enough???
  58. Barack Obama endorsed by the communiust party usa, for president 2012
  59. US credit down grade
  60. I have meet the enemy, and he is us.
  61. 2 great articles from UK Telegraph today on US/Euro debt crisis
  62. A Disaster in the USA: Our way of life is all but gone!!!!!!! HELP!!!!
  63. USA Politics; The two party system.
  64. Illegal Aliens, will have their NM driver's License revoked? Good luck with this!
  65. Funny rant by Don Rickles rearding our favorite politicians
  66. Actually kindof a good idea
  67. The Money Masters
  68. FBI Watches Military Surplus Stores in an Effort to Catch Terrorists
  69. Makes sense!?!?
  70. A simple lesson in Socialism...... Good example!
  71. Brack Obama's Emotional State of Mind
  72. You aren't supposed to know this...
  73. Buffet to Congress "raise my taxes"
  74. A new twist on gun registration, and why it is good for gunowners...
  75. Does this stand a chance of passing?
  76. NYC is about retarded.
  77. Ron Paul is the 13th Floor in a Hotel
  78. ATF classifies all brass ammo "that can be used in a handgun" as "armor piercing"
  79. Official 2012 Presidential 2nd Ammendment Records
  80. US Government gone wild, this is good........
  81. Ron Paul's Pro-gun bills
  82. What if we just don't pay them?
  83. Complete disconnect from reality
  84. Dust and CDL licenses: Farming and ranching under seige by Feds
  85. No jobs i found out why
  86. So, Texans, got a question about your Governor...
  87. Entitlements
  88. Will any Presidents have the , , ,
  89. Iran Iran: Lawyer for 2 Americans Will Appeal Sentences
  90. Looks like another dictator is about to bite the dust
  91. Article: "Gunwalker and the Foundation of Liberty"
  92. USAF helps raid a LV gun store
  93. Corruption, Corruption, Fraud, and More Corruption
  94. Yeah, Gaddafi's A Psycho, But.....
  95. Are some books stores doing away with gun books?
  96. What a bunch of pantywaists!
  97. About time, only the most logical thing in the world...pirate self defense
  98. Obama has another illegal relitive living in the US?
  99. Police in CA,using computer to predict future crimes???
  100. 25 reasons to ban guns
  101. Gun Manufactures
  102. More on Fast & Furious.
  103. NM Goveronor can handle a firearm has CCW permitt...
  104. Gun store busted in Deming,NM
  105. Orange County, FL Sheriff's Office used fear...
  106. Members of Congress underpaid?
  107. Is Buffett a hypocritical ideologue?
  108. FBI HLS Concerned about 9/11 anniversary attack?.......
  109. This makes a lot of sense!
  110. Fast & Furious weapons program - why was it done?
  111. Recently retired Republican staffer's perspective on the current state of the party
  112. Eric Holder domesticated "Gunwalker" and brought it to my state: Indiana
  113. How should we fund new infrastructure?
  114. Republican debate was excellent! Try to watch a re-run if you can.
  115. Obama's Jobs Speech
  116. After careful consideration, my pick for PREZ
  117. ...a kinder, gentler counter terrorism...
  118. More concern in Israel?
  119. Obama reading 'Post American World'
  120. "Anti-Gun Activists Organize Buyback Program for Squirt guns and nerf guns" really!?
  121. Gun purchases / BATFE rules change in order.
  122. Housewife in handcuffs... taken off aircraft......
  123. How the Patriot Act Has Been Utilized
  124. Glenn Beck and Israel broadcast? Your opinions?
  125. Another failed bail out from the US government... Solyndra; Obama's flop!!!!
  126. "Defending" firearms and gun ownership, what approach do you use?
  127. Feel safer yet? NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums
  128. Feeling pretty good about driving a Ford today
  129. So when did Tea Party activists become the same thing as a social conservatives?
  130. Gunwalker not mere stupidity, but part of a Cloward/Piven type strategy?
  131. Excellent quiz on the Constitution
  132. "Make Mine Freedom" this is still true today
  133. be careful what you say on the internet
  134. Florida .. Wild Gun State per Time Magazine
  135. Biker Discrimination. Again.
  136. Looks like I'll never be buying a GM vehicle
  137. Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment
  138. Warming up a little to Rick Perry
  139. Pakistan--too proud to ask for help?
  140. Does it matter to you which Re-Pube-ican nominee gets selected?
  141. Founding Fathers... a new book for me.....
  142. US Rep. Terri Sewell opposes Alabama photo voter ID law
  143. Health care
  144. Political spelling lesson
  145. The 2025 CAFE standard is 54.5 mpg
  146. Bake sale
  147. What is Healthcare ??? not many people seem to know.
  148. You too can make the FBI's watch list!!!!!!!!!!
  149. NC Governor suggests suspending elections for economic solutions
  150. Interesting little tidbit - How the O feels about debt....
  151. More disrespect in NYC
  152. URGENT !!!! repeal full auto ban !!!!! act fast !!!!! 30 days left, few signatures.
  153. DEA gets wrong house
  154. cain on 2A
  155. No Guns for Medical Marijuana Users
  156. Gun control hysteria.
  157. Question on immigrants???
  158. An interesting spin on the gunwalker deal
  159. A political rant of sorts (link to video)
  160. Monday Night Football just got shot in the foot....
  161. He knew about the Gun Smuggling..... didn't he?
  162. Alabama Immigration Law
  163. Hey, Obama- - - -Help this guy out!
  164. Another broken campaign promise
  165. Aren't guns banned for civilians in China?
  166. Coming to California!
  167. Government "creating" jobs
  168. Government sleight of hand- - - - -create a distraction!
  169. This is worth reviewing again.....
  170. When Will We See Some Of These Posters?
  171. We need to whack Iran
  172. Get a piece of Saddam Hussein's Butt!!!! Now before its gone!!!!...........
  173. Alabama can longer ask students about citizenship
  174. Looks like we're backing into a war on a third front
  175. House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA
  176. Bored with Hollywood make believe?... Get a Border Patrol job!
  177. "Fast and Furious" Was Plot Against Second Amendment - NRA's La Pierre
  178. I had a strange thought
  179. Actor Sean Penn, says "Tea Party" is Racist.... I say BS to Penn.
  180. Sometimes: "The needs of the one,out weighs the needs of the many"
  181. Obama's still pushing his jobs bill,,, piece by piece now..
  182. Kenya invades Somalia
  183. Any way we can convince Trump to run for President?
  184. The horse is out- - - - -Close the barn door!
  185. Rancher Sued for Capturing Illegal Immigrant?
  186. Moammar Gadhafi is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... so they say....
  187. Wife indicted in NM gun case....
  188. Obama announces complete withdrawal
  189. Just got a call from the NRA
  190. Texas Politicians Fight to Stop Confederate Flag License Plate
  191. The "Sultan of Swing".. Oh,, I mean, the Saudi Crown Prince Sultan is Dead....
  192. Earthquake in Turkey... Effect on the USA?
  193. Gangs learning from Wallstreet?
  194. 3 Gun in California?
  195. larry pratt, goa
  196. Synthetic Marjuana
  197. School shooting in NC......
  198. NYPD Learns from Eric Holder and gang..... BUSTED!!!!!
  199. So much for Obama's "most transparent administration ever"
  200. keeping score
  201. Next year's election,,, Who's own the Democratic ticket?....
  202. Only in Texas!
  203. US planning buildup in Gulf after Iraq exit?
  204. " He feels the need.... the need for speed"....
  205. Obama and gun control.
  206. USA seeks aid from Pakistan in peace effort
  207. There will alway be dirt on Candidates,, Right?
  208. Justice for sale
  209. What does the symbol on Herman Cain's bus stand for?
  210. Illuminati, Bilderburgs (sp?) any truth to the conspirecy
  211. A sheriff with attitude
  212. Occupy Wallstreet Political Cartoon
  213. Judges Uphold the Law in Washington State
  214. Deadly interstates,,,, Watch for exploding Containers
  215. Anti- Government militia busted in GA.
  216. Assault Clips
  217. My take on OWS vs. the Tea Party
  218. Fed. chief Ben Bernanke.. "Dissatisfied" with the US economy.. Well Duh!!!!!!
  219. What factor(s) has caused the USA to................?
  220. ID and Papers please "Citizen"...Don't leave home without it......
  221. Pre-Prosecution diversion?... A Green light for crime? I don't get it!
  222. OWS Now OLC occupy Las Cruces, NM.
  223. The origin of 'Left & Right"
  224. Illinois & CCW
  225. Protest March Planned 11/11/11
  226. Vessie Ventura is a Turd.
  227. Fed's can't seem to make up their minds..........
  228. Anybody hear about Obama and a worldwide speech coming up here soon???
  229. Eugenics?? Selective breeding, like Nazi Germany 1938?
  230. Whats your opinion on the Penn State scandal? Sick ain't it?
  231. Judge Blocks Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs
  232. How many folks are sharing your SSN?
  233. If Greece and Rome burns will the USA feel the heat?
  234. Feds are poised to announce a third rouond of stimulus. Not good is it?
  235. Holder
  236. Can the koch brothers secret data base help the 2012 right wingers?
  237. Herman Cain hit a home run in his press conference today
  238. Is this Supercommittee Unconstitional? I say yes.
  239. Christmas tree TAX delayed JEECh!!! Whats next? tax on my freckles?
  240. Defense cuts will hurt Texas, and other states too?
  241. Thank You Veterans for your time and service on my behave!!!!!!!
  242. Parasites!!!!!!!!!!!! What a mess huh?
  243. Arab League will suspend Syria
  244. China says the 'Good old days,gone for the USA"
  245. US Census Bureau alters the way it measures poverty.. Why change the formula?
  246. Obama just banned 1 million rifles
  247. Anyone watch the GOP debates last night?
  248. Going Green.. It's got its own set of problems...
  249. 60 minutes
  250. Chelsea Clinton "Making a difference" this should be good? huh?