Mannlicher 1895 Straight pull bolt

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In my last G&A issue someone questionned about reassembling the bolt in the rifle. There is a trick, as one has to pull the bolt head while tunrning it to place it in the unlocked position in order to put it in the gun, the bolt must be dry, otherwise the least movement, breath of air will make it return to locked position, extremely hairy. Then you can put some oil after the bolt is in the gun.
Avoid anything able to cause pierced primer , gas can enter the bolt between bolt head and striker, push on the rear of the bolt and thus open it. Does'nt work any time but......On my sporterised 95 with double set trigger, pressing the trigger frees the bolt out, so having had the trouble I shoot it only with the set trigger, movement of sear and bolt stop being very short in time, and bolt is stopped.


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    Called the "Dime Trick" and it works on my M-95s. They can be a bear to get back in for sure.
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