What's your 7.62X54R Mosin Nagant load?

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I don't fire corrosive/surplus ammo outta my MNs. Nothing wrong with it (as long as you clean/scrub them out same day you shoot it) but I think you can't realize the full potential of them "Russian Mules" unless you use factory or make your own reloads. Not trying to be a snob and someday may change my mind, but for now I'll shoot the "Good Stuff".

Does anyone besides me reload for their MNs on here?

I tried some 174 grain privi partizan BTHPs at the TX Shoot the other day. I used 41.5 grains of Varget powder, which is a low end on the data scale load which runs from 39.6 to 46.2 grains. It proved to be a good medium/mild load with not so much thump as full loads, easier on me and the old guns. I was using H-4895 powder.

I didn't get to do any real accuracy testing, but just fired some the other day. I think I have a starting point for further evaluation.

I use .311 diameter bullets (same as for for the .303 British) because the Russian made rifles run from .311-.314, the Finnish made ones being closer to diameter (7.62) and those who reload for them use .308 diameter bullets with good success.

Old forum member "Pirate" has a nice collection of MNs, but I haven't seen him here yet since the crash.

Follow link below for great reference information on MNs.

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    Big Chief,

    I have used Hodgdon's published loads almost exclusively in my Russian 91/30. I've used everything from .308-.311 dia bullets in it with zero pressure signs or malfunctions. I'm also not loading it hot. I do not have the load data in front of me, but Hodgdon publishes a load for 123gr .311 dia bullets typically used in 7.62x39 loads and I've had great accuracy results in my MN with that bullet (Hornady Jacketed SP) and the recoil is negligible. The same 123gr SP load in a friend's Nagant absolutely slayed the deer last season in north Florida.

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    I load for mine but I don't remember off hand what load I settled on for my 91/30 sniper; I'm not near my loading bench to look it up. I am using 180 grain .308 bullets with great results since I was lucky enough to have one with a tight bore. At 100 yards I can pull her in the 1.5" range and once in a while if the world is turning just right, a little less than that. I would not be uncomfortable taking a 200 yard shot at game with mine. I have hunted with the rifle and it is a lot of fun popping pigs with that old war horse.
    Took this one with a head shot at 100 yards using hand loads.
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