Special duck season this weekend................

orchidmanorchidman Senior MemberPosts: 7,302 Senior Member
..............1187's checked, Ammo packed, dekes ready, camera's charged, quad fuelled, recce done, fire extinguisher checked.......just in case I set the hide on fire like I did a few years back, the property is in a drought area.........:roll:

Limit is 10 birds per day for sat/sun.

Hopefully I will have pics/video on monday.
Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....


  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 16,563 Senior Member
    have a good (and safe) time :beer:
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  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 9,350 Senior Member
    Hope your done by 9AM both days:up:
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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 6,706 Senior Member
    Now, you did bring ear plugs this time so you can sleep on the boat if your buddy starts snoring, right??
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  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 7,305 Senior Member
    Hope you limit out both days
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 22,596 Senior Member
    Good luck this weekend
    wait it is this weekend.
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  • JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Senior Member Posts: 5,998 Senior Member
    NN wrote: »
    Good luck this weekend
    wait it is this weekend.

    He's probably already bagged his limit for Saturday.

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