Female concealed carry options?Ok



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    Krav Maga is brutal ... and can be damn good for those who might not be as physically advantaged as others. Basically Krav Maga's goal is to rip your attacker's throat, heart, genitalia, etc out p ... break limbs ... choke out ... whatever you can in the first 15 to 30 seconds of the encounter. It has an MMA flavor to it but more dirty and ruthless. In a CQB class a disarming technique if the attacker is in contact basically teaches how to break his finger in the trigger guard and work up the arm to the body. With basic techniques a 100 lb little lady can make Billy Badass beg for mercy ...
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    Some of the most effective and lethal hand to hand combat techniques come from Israeli special forces, and they use Krav Maga.
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    One of the most effective ways I learned to deal with a disrespectful, aggressive high school kid in one of my shop classes was to give him an icy stare and say "Kid, you need to realize something before you make any more threats- - - - -the US military didn't teach me to HURT people!" Then I'd just turn and walk away. I had most of them convinced I was a homicidal maniac!
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    First, take a few classes. Fundamentals classes are going to be the most important, but also try to find (peer reviewed/reputable) classes that are self defense focused.

    When it comes specifically to the female view on carrying a gun, study other females. We've a great group of guys here, but they are just that...guys. A couple of sources that I recommend wholeheartedly are Melody Lauer and Tatiana Whitlock. Both are defensive instructors who are about your same size, so their methods/manners of dress and concealment should translate relatively painlessly.

    Next...take more classes. Find a class that deals in Force on Force (FoF) evolutions. Micro guns (most of the ones pictured in this thread) are fine for shooting an unsuspecting political appointee in the back of the head, but when it comes to defensive use (read, REACTIONARY) they are worse than useless...literally.

    Melody Lauer.

    Tatiana Whitlock

    Read and watch everything these two (and any of their friends) put out, and then go find some classes to take...THEN decide how you should proceed on this endeavor.

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