Excalibur's 355 Micro suppression crossbow range report

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Wasn't sure which forum category to put this on.

My new Excalibur 355 Micro suppression crossbow arrived last week and was finally able to put it together which was simple and took all of 5 min. This crossbow is a recurve style crossbow with a 280 lb weight. My last crossbow had a 150 lb draw weight so I wasn't sure if I was going to have to get a cocking mechanism for it. The scope that comes with it has 20, 30, 40 , 50 & 60 yards aiming triangles with illuminate crosshairs. It is also a variable power scope but in reality it's not meant as variable power scope. More on this shortly.

I used the rifle bench for testing and set the target up 20 yards out. The cocking rope was an inch short being able to connect to both sides of the string. I think it was done this way intentionally. I had to pull the string up a tad to hook onto it. I put my foot into the foothold bracket, leaned over and started to pull. The draw is only a foot or so, not nearly as much as my old crossbow. It actually drew up easy and locked into position...well so i thought. It goes up about 90% of the way and there's a safety bar that locks it in place so the string can't fly forward. Unfortunately there's another inch to go before it locks into the firing point. By the time I hit the safety stop I'm darn near standing vertically. Try as I may I didn't have the leverage or the strength in my shoulders and arms to get the last inch. I went back to the barn and got the cocking rope from my my first crossbow and shortened it to where I was bending over and had leverage pulling again. It took some doing but I'm able to get it back the remaining inch with the addition of the smaller cocking rope. Over time my muscles will strengthen making it easier to use only one rope.

The trigger is almost like a two stage trigger though they say it's only 3 lb trigger break. There's a ton a creep so you pull until it stops. Almost like a stage 1 of a stage two trigger. Once you feel it's tight it breaks crisp and clean on what I call the second stage. I really like it that way. It took two shots to hit center on the 20 yard target. I'm shooting my 125 gr Swacker practice broad heads. I took a couple of shots and both shots within an inch of each other. I moved the target back to 30 yards. The 30 yard aiming triangle was spot on. I moved the target to 50 yards by passing the 40 yard target. Again the 50 yard aiming triangle was dead on. Back to 60 yards and this is where I screwed up. I zoomed in on the scope using the variable zoom ring. Using the 60 yard aiming triangle my two shots hit in the dirt just at the base of the target. OK somethings not right. I looked through the scope as I zoomed in and out, the aiming reticles were not staying on the POA as I zoomed in and out. I looked at the zoom ring and it was marked in FPS (feet per seconds). So it will zoom in and out with magnification but that's not what it's for. It's for calibrating the scope to your arrows speed. I put the crosshairs at my aiming point and moved the zoom ring until I got to the arrow impacts. The ring was at 350 fps. I shot again and was still low by a few inches. I repeated the process and the variable ring was on 340 fps. The bow is advertised for 355 fps and since I not using a chronograph I really don't know the actual arrow speed. I shot two more arrows, both dead center at 60 yards and .75 inches apart. Flipping outstanding!

I'm really digging this new crossbow. After lunch I'm going to put the target back to 20 yards to make sure the reticle is calibrated to the bow/arrow speed. Then I'm going to got back to 70 yards and see how it shoots. Tomorrows goal is to go to 100 yards for giggle kicks and grins. Quite a few you-tube video's with folks shooting them at 100 yards. Can't wait for opening day of bow season.

Update, I was able to move back and shoot very well at 70 yards. By lowering the power ring on the scope to 300 fps I can hold dead on with the 60 aiming triangle. The problem is it's a good 2' drop between 60 and 70 yards. Shooting beyond 70 I really have no reference for holdovers other than a swag. The power setting on the scope is as low as it goes. I've decided to keep this to a 70 yard bow where I have control and I don't lose or damage my arrows or practice broad heads.
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    TY for the excellent report! That's a nice crossbow!!

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