Ear protection (electronic muffs)

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My pair of Howard Leight electronic ear muffs have seemed to pull a vanishing act. Besides Peltor, does anyone make a decent pair of electronic muffs that have 'behind the head' band?
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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member Posts: 8,129 Senior Member
    I got a pair of Walkers earlier this year from Amazon. Been using them for IDPA and so far they’ve been great.


    ETA: Whoops, I didn’t catch the headband requirement. But they’re still good.
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    Muff style aside from Peltor I only can come up with MSAs. They call their setup a neckband but still has a soft strap over top of the head ... they are comfortable, stay in place and work well with helmet or such but they are EXPENSIVE like $250. I can’t see that price for my use over my Peltor Tac 100s I paid less than $60 for or a set of Leights for less than $50.
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  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Posts: 5,249 Senior Member
    Peltor is the answer. Pro Ears makes some too, but mine are pretty lackluster and weren’t worth the steep price.

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  • neosamneosam New Member Posts: 13 New Member
    I'm very pleased with my ProEars Pro 300 . It is very comfortable to wear.

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