Today's BirthdaysToday's Birthdays Axe (47)

Big ChiefBig Chief Senior MemberPosts: 29,442 Senior Member
Happy Birthday Axe (Youngin)!
It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
Words of wisdom from Big Chief: Flush twice, it's a long way to the Mess Hall
I'd rather have my sister work in a whorehouse than own another Taurus!


  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 21,030 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday, Axe! It's Friday, too, so you got an excuse to go out and celebrate! :beer:
    There is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. It is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wound, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time.” General George Patton

  • roadkingroadking Senior Member Posts: 3,044 Senior Member
    Support your local Scouts!
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 7,170 Senior Member
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 13,375 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday Axe....have a great day!
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
  • earlyearly Senior Member Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    And many more!
    My thoughts are generally clear. My typing, not so much.
  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 6,456 Senior Member
    HFB young feller!
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 22,357 Senior Member
    Hope it was a happy one
  • SIGgalSIGgal Senior Member Posts: 1,522 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday Daddy! Old Man lol. Love you xoxo
    "Marriage is a hunting permit that allows you only one dear at a time"
  • Make_My_DayMake_My_Day Senior Member Posts: 6,183 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday!!
    Political correctness is a liberal degrading of the freedom of speech. George Orwell's 1984 famously incorporated the notion of limiting thought through language (see Newspeak)." Meanwhile, the beatings will continue until morale improves around here.
  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Moderator Posts: 24,657 Senior Member
    Happy birthday buddy!
    "Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired, more hungry. Keep punching." General George S. Patton
  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 313 Member
    Thanks guys! Been a long one, but a few beers and time with the kids are sounding pretty good about now.
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 16,400 Senior Member
    Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates, Rule #37: There is no “overkill”. There is only “open fire” and “I need to reload”.

  • TrueTone911TrueTone911 Senior Member Posts: 5,559 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday there sir!

    I'm 7 years up un ya, but I call everyone sir.
    Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.

    Will Rogers
  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 1,846 Senior Member
    Happy Birthday:beer:

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