Puppy does good

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I took a hour off and we went to a state gameland and she put up her first bird solo. We had put in a hour and a half in a "flat" area that was pretty weedy. She was doping off for the first 50 yards or so then she started to hunt like she should, That lasted a half hour and we went back to eating the crayons. We did the field down and back and I figured we might as well try up a hill where there was green grass folded over between small trees. She was doping off to start then she started to hunt, then slowed down. Looked at me and started sniffing like she found more poo. Up popped a rooster. I was no where near ready but I did get a poke at it, missed, but she put up a bird, wasnt dead on it but she was in the right area.
It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.


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