Is your flag flying....Veteran's Day

Miss MaryMiss Mary Senior MemberPosts: 630 Senior Member
Ours is out and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a humble thank you to all our veterans. You have blessed us with your service, and I will do my best to honor that with not taking my freedoms for granted.

[/Happy Veteran's Day! :applause: :applause: :applause::iwo:


  • earlyearly Senior Member Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    I've not served, but I am grateful to everyone here that has. My son and I thankyou.
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  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 7,170 Senior Member
    I woke up early so that it was up @ sunrise. Wish I had a bugler to play reveille
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  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 29,442 Senior Member
    Was at a National Veterans cemetery last weekend where Mrs Chief is buried. They had already started putting all the flags out and I'll make another visit tomorrow as I usually go out weekly and put out flowers for her. My late FIL is also interned there, a 30 year Navy man. It is quite the sight as you drive in and past all the markers and see all the flags flying in honor of their service and sacrifices to our great nation. Very solemn experience every time I go.

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  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 6,456 Senior Member
    Yes! It flies every day!!
  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Moderator Posts: 24,657 Senior Member
    Today and every day. :usa:
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 13,375 Senior Member
    Every day....First chore we did when we moved here was erect a 20 foot flag pole in the front yard....
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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member Posts: 8,121 Senior Member
    Yep, every day, all day, and lit overnight. :usa:
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 21,030 Senior Member
    LMLarsen wrote: »
    Yep, every day, all day, and lit overnight. :usa:

    I do that, too. Facing the front of the house, the flag is on the left side of the door and the light is on the right side.
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  • RAEIndustriesRAEIndustries Member Posts: 68 Member
    Yes it was whipping in the wind all day yesterday and today

    We had 35 mph gusts here on the beach. No rain luckily!

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