Ruger Mark III 22/45 Locked Up Tight

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Put a new sear in yesterday. Everything seemed to go back OK. When I locked up the main spring it seemed to have a little more resistance than usual. So, I opened it up, but it came out a very short distance and would not go any further. Did some research and found what I should do, but in spite of holding the trigger and doing the rubber mallet test, it is still hung up after about 3 hours of trying to free up whatever is stuck inside. I am beginning to wonder if my only alternative it to remove the grips and knock out the pin holding the hammer and safety? I know I will run into resistance from the sear spring in the groove of that pin, but wondered if a little force might cause it to exit without damaging the spring or the pin, so whatever is hung up will be released? I've had this to happen before, but a few taps with the rubber mallet freed it, but not this time. I must have messed up real good!

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    Hit it with a rubber mallet on the back of the bolt a couple times. If that doesn't work, remove the grips and knock out the pins one at a time.
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