To all Nevertrumpers: Long read but worth it.



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    Teach wrote: »
    The crazier the dummycraps and their RINO apologists get, the better it is for the country in general. I'd rather deal with a rattlesnale in full pissed off buzztail mode than a sneaky copperhead. At least I know where the danger is coming from. Keep them foaming at the mouth- - - -it's better entertainment than most sitcoms on TV!

    Yep! :up:
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    Carry a 25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it, you may shoot it. If you shoot it, you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody – and he finds out about it – he may be very angry with you. --Jeff Cooper

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