Coyotes were hungry today

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Around 130 today I started calling, starting off with some howling, followed by rabbit and rodent sounds. After about 15 minutes I hear some howling around a half mile away so I howl back and restart the rodent sounds.
Five more minutes pass and I spot two coyotes sneaking along the side of the field about 400 yards. So I quiet down the caller and watch through the scope as they check out the situation. The south wind was worrying me as the more they came up the edge of the bean field the closer to my scent cone they would be. They duck into heavy cover and disappear. BAH! Frustrated I switch to pup distress and crank up the volume.
After a minute this male coyote blasts full speed onto the alfalfa field I’m on and charges the caller ! I thought he was going to carry the thing off with him, I barked and woofed at him but he didn’t stop so I had to throw a Texas brain shot at him at about 100 yards, knocking him over. The fox bang on the call goes off and I reset for the second one. Unfortunately it charges out similar to number one and there no stopping it. I salute three times with the savage 200 in .223 and I can’t say I fluffed a hair on the dang thing. If I do my part the inexpensive rifle will kill coyotes. I needed a back up shooter I guess. 61bca09b06a00b3f9e2e9e410fad27ca.jpg turned out to be a big male , guessing the other was a female.

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    Hey, don't knock yourself up too bad - ya gots one ubbum!
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    Always like to get out ahead of front is moving time for coyote hunting....
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  • 1965Jeff1965Jeff Senior Member Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    It’s been single digits almost a week, they were moving.

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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 22,349 Senior Member
    Nice hunt, h2ft50&^%, hey.
  • Jeff in TXJeff in TX Senior Member Posts: 1,170 Senior Member
    Nice hunt and great story!
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  • 1965Jeff1965Jeff Senior Member Posts: 1,536 Senior Member
    Something about apostrophe turn into ‘’’’ weird crap on I phone

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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 22,349 Senior Member
  • ZeeZee Senior Member Posts: 18,891 Senior Member
    Well done!
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    Crazy how sometimes they pop up close moving at full speed and others you seen nothing but a blur of tail'
    That one looks large and much more filled out than the few I have seen down here
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    Nice. Is the Texas Brain Shot the same as the Texas Heart Shot? :jester:

    Good story, too.

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    That’s one good warm hat right there!
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    Looks like you had a fine set there, Jeff! Beautiful coat on that one.
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