6.5 Grendel AR?

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I'm eyeing a Bear Creek Arsenal barrel that includes a BCG. Pretty much got the other parts laying around to build a 6.5 Grendel AR.

Anyone have experience with Bear Creek Arsenal barrels? Thoughts on the cartridge?


  • terminator012terminator012 Senior Member Posts: 2,764 Senior Member
    I've been looking at them. They get good reviews on Grendel forums. Price is cheap.
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 16,827 Senior Member
    I like mine (AA 24" Overwatch with Shilen Barrel upgrade)
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  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Senior Member Posts: 4,231 Senior Member
    Can’t speak for how it is now but Bear Creek is a restructured Moore Machine Co ... just FYI.

    I have seen a bunch in shops since they are local and don’t look bad but function and accuracy I can’t speak about. I have seen one go back to a LGS with a “major cycling problem” that turned out to be a crappy BCG assembly and leak from the gas key. Mil-spec parts are pretty much their standard so don’t expect an excellent trigger or sub MOA barrel but it should work.
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