Hey 300BO hunters

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I (wife actually) finally got to test the Midsouth Shooters Supply exclusive "300 Blackout .308 Diameter 125 Grain Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP Projectile)"

At ~2300fps MV, from wife's downloaded 16" 308, performance was darned near "perfect"

I happened to look and they have the 100 packs on sale, You can get 3x100 for $96.97($32.99/100) or you can buy a 250 ct bulk pack for $109.99 (The 250ct bag was a LOT cheaper when I bought them)

Since they're a one time buy, I am ordering at least 300 more tonight.
For comparison, her usual 125gr Nosler Ballistic tips are $39.68/100 from Midsouth ($19.84/50)

3x100 packs, delivered, totaled less ($109.13) than the $109.99 for the 250ct bag, before shipping

I can wholehearted recommend this bullet for whitetail deer @ close to 300BO MV


Normal caveat, I have no interest in Midsouth Shooters Supply and am posting this to share information with the forum
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