Savage model 11 in 300 WSM?



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    SIGgal said:
    Actually passed on it, but found a Browning AB3 Micro Stalker in .243 that I really liked. Fit really nice since it is built for smaller shooters, but the price without the scope was $599. I was going to buy a rifle for Jay, but he is more undecided than a girl, so I shall shop for me. It may be a two rifle deal by the time we are done.

    You just want a good deer rifle with lower recoil? Go find a nice Ruger American in .243 Winchester, .260 Remington, or 7-08 Remington. That's all you will ever need for deer. Just put a good scope on it. I like my Nikons and Leupolds. I just bought a nice 4-12x40 Leupold VX-2 and it's clear as a bell. I got it on sale at Optics planet for about $329 I think. If you get something like that you'll be out about $750-$800 total for all new stuff. Get a .243 or 7-08 and you'll find ammo about everywhere, even premium stuff. If you ever get into hand loading the sky's the limit on all three. I find the .308 case one of the easiest to load for.
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    bellcat said:
    A bit of a thread jack, but my belief was that a 25 WSM would have been the bomb instead of a the super short mag.

    A 25 with 257 Weatherby ballistics in that short magnum would have stole the show.


    It was tested.  Pressures were an issue so it was scrapped and put I  the WSSM case
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