I am officially appalled

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My evening local news reported a high school student in a city not far enough away from me was forcibly removed from a political discussion class with the day's subject being immigration. The reason? He was wearing a T-shirt approving a border wall!!! He was given the choice of covering the shirt which offended the teacher and a fellow student or leaving the class. He covered the shirt then came to his senses and uncovered it. The vice principle was called in and she gave him the choice of covering the shirt or leaving school which would result in suspension. He refused and she had a security officer remove him from the school. In my USA politics breeds different points of view. Only allowing one point of view is typical of a police state. Even though I am a natural born citizen of the USA and Veteran I now feel like I am living in the former East Germany. The Progressive Liberal Socialists have long ago crossed the line and gained momentum. They must somehow be stopped!



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    Liberty High School. Sounds like an oxymoron; only liberty if you tow the liberal line.
    Non Sibi Sed Patriage (Not for self, but country)

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    1) Either there's a dress code for all or none.

    2) A good teacher would have been able to turn the dispute into a healthy political discussion, defusing tensions, and promoting the idea of carefully examining opposing views.

    A debate of everyone that agrees is an oxymoron.
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    Twain's quote comes to mind, yet again...

    Glad a suit is being filed - you'd think these idiots would learn...
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

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