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I have a few boxes of 15 case Equador SS. Cal 7.92mm ammunition, most still with the stripper clips, and a headstamp that reads 7.92 A A 1955. What kind of ammunition is this, and how much would it be worth per bullet/case?


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    It's virtually worthless military surplus ammo that probably has corrosive Fulminate of Mercury primers. It's in a very common chambering, 8MM Mauser, and there's thousands of rounds of more modern, less-corrosive ammo available at virtually any online ammo distributor. It's also a good possibility most of your ammo would be subject to misfires due to age, and it would definitely require some special cleaning procedures for any firearm that shoots it.
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    actually i have fired off at least a hundred rounds from whats left and have had no misfires from the mauser i owned and the ammo isnt corroded at all. i was just wondering what type of a bullet it was, if its full steel or if anybody had any Good information to add. other than obvious information i could find from typing 7.92 mm in on google search
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    The standard load was a 196 grain FMJ. Although the ammo is not corroded, it uses corrosive primers and the gun MUST be cleaned immediatly after each use or the barrel will rust. Hot soapy water is best to clean primer residue, then clean and oil.
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    To answer your original question that stuff usually goes for $3-4/box at gun shows
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