UMAREX Colt Govt 1911 22LR

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I purchased the base model New Colt 22 Govt model as a birthday present for myself. Took the gun out to the range and had a great first day. No failures to feed or any problems with 150 rounds. Using CCI mini mag round nose ammo.

I always want a spare magazine or two so I went to the usual sources, Midway, Gun Broker, Ebay, Cheaper Than Dirt, etc. and while most were out of stock those that were thought a fair price for the 12 round mag to be $40 - $50 plus shipping. I went to the UMAREXUSA Colt website and found I could order magazines for $41 each plus shipping. When I contacted customer service about the exorbitant price of these mags Anna of customer service responded that UMAREXUSA was just keeping the price high so the registered dealers could sell me this item. As I noted before, all of the "dealers" were conveniently out of stock. I contacted Anna again and she said that was all she could do and basically hung up on me.

While I know the base model is reasonably priced and in an effort to save money UMAREXUSA is only shipping the pistol with one magazine. I was teribbly disappointed in 1) the price of a replacement magazine and 2) in the non response from UMAREXUSA The New Colt customer service. I only hope this pistol doesn't break as I have no hope they will fix the problem.

Guns and Ammo should review customer service along with the actual product in future articles.


  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 9,350 Senior Member
    Welcome, no pics, no gun exists. You bought a fairly unique gun, magazines are going to be spendy unless they sell them by the truckload daily at Midway and such, think AR and AK rifles for volume of magazines sold weekly. I just paid $30 for a magazine for my Kahr, you may have over paid some, but its not like its going to go down in value unless they become as common as a Glock.
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    Guns and their related accessories are not cheap anymore. Things are only going to get worse. Get used to it or find something else to spend your loot on. To Anna you were just the "crazy guy of the week". She was probably just saying what she needed to say to get off the phone with you. I would :)
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    Anna needed to get off the phone coz she wanted to get back to me.
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    Several of us on the forum have the new Colt 1911-.22 and love them. One of the better of the recent plauge of 1911-22 clones available. Most new pistols only come with one magazine, except for the Chiacrapa but that dosen't make it worth buying!! I too did the magazine search and ordered them from Umarex. Thought they were a little high priced compared to other brands but finding a good deal these days on guns and accessories is about as rare as the dodo bird!! If you want an honest gun review, you will not get it from any of the gun magazines 'cause guess who pays the bills!! Do a search for reviews by the actual owers, like us, then make your decisions!!
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    Welcome to the madhouse. Hauoli la hanau. CHIRO is right. No pics, no gun exits. And if you think a spare mag is expensive,please note that there is a $50.00 fine for no pic of the new gun with your post. (Shhh guys. I know it's only 5.00 but he'll never know and can't call CS cuz there's no phone number listed for the forum):tooth:
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    Lots O' Guns have spendy magazines, and I remember when Ruger would not sell hi capacity magazines for their Mini 14 to ordinary mortals, when I finally sold off My last Mini 14, it also went with a slather of OEM 30 round magazines...
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