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I went to Geneseo, IL with a friend this morning to have them work on our Springfield Armory XDM's and do a trigger job on our pistols. My friend, Jerry, had one done last fall and I was very impressed with what they did. We scheduled a visit for this morning at 9 a.m. and left home early enough to get to Geneseo about that time.

Jerry just wanted a target trigger job for his XDM-9mm , but I wanted the same thing plus adding the Trijicon Night Sights. We were told to be there by 9 a.m. and we left home early enough to do that. After leaving the pistols with them, we traveled back west toward the Quad cities on I-80. We visited several gun shops in the Quad Cities and Gander's store and spent several dollars. After lunch, we journeyed back to Geneseo to see if our guns were done.

Ironically, as we were getting off interstate 80 at the Geneseo exit, Jerry's cell phone went off and Springfield Armory was calling to tell us that our pistols were done. We went back to settle up and collect our pistols. As I was leaving the parking lot, this is what we saw. I wish the sun had been shining brightly and it was not a dreary, rainy day. This is a photo of a truck that was leaving at the same time that we were. This is an awesome rig and I thought I'd share the photo.


How many "Gun Goodies" do you suppose are in that very large truckload?

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    That's the kind of rig I'd enjoy seeing roll by............:driving::driving::cool2::guns::usa::usa::usa:
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    hey that was a fun day and that is some kind of rig for sure.
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    Fast service, hey.
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    How does the new trigger feel?
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    I got the "competition trigger" option and it is a very nice 3 1/4# pull. For a striker fired pistol, that is fantastic in my opinion. I tested it before we made the trip and it was 5 3/4#, so they reduced it quite a bit and the "reset" was also shortened. It was a very pleasant experience and the folks there are most accommodating.

    When I asked for some Tritium night sights, they showed me a board that had all the various sights mounted on it so that I could compare the Springfield, Heinie, Trijicon, etc. I chose the Trijicon.

    I also spoke with a technician about my Springfield Armory National Match M1-A. I've had it since the early 90's and have the SA scope mount on it. The .308 brass comes out and ejects at such an angle that it bounces off the scope mount and then hits the walnut stock. It has really beat the hell out of the right side of the stock over the years. So I asked about getting a fiberglass stock bedded to the rifle so that I could refinish the walnut stock which is glass bedded to the action. The tech told me that he could adjust my ejection angle at no charge. All I have to do is make an appointment and bring the rifle in with whatever ammo I intend to use and they will adjust it for me. That works for me!
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    I was gonna say, I'd rather them fix the ejection angle because it's just going to beat up your synthetic stock too.

    Anyway, congrats to you for a good experience. Springfield Armory ROCKS in my opinion. They make great products and stand behind them.
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    I sure would like that truck parked in my yard.
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    I sure would like that truck parked in my yard.
    You'd probably get tired of all the hats, tee shirts etc.

    My guess is they were heading to some event as a "vendor". That looks like a "show" or marketing rig to me.
    Heck, with the southern love of guns, they may have been headed to Talladega for race this weekend :uhm:

    Cool pick though :up: thanks for sharing :beer:
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    I didn't know that was you with the camera... I would have bought you a beer!
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    I think I've seen that rig, or one very similar to it, on vendors' row at Talladega. The one I like is from Big Johnson! (No relation to Dan J.!)
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    I think a lot of manufacturers have trucks like that. LGS had one at their store awhile back that had Smith & Wesson stuff.....
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    If I ever won the Powerball lottery, I would buy a rig like that, load it up with goodies for My friends at the SE shoot !!!!
    Problem is I never buy any tickets....... :tooth:
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