Those Who Protect

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We had several dogs over the years and some were better than others. Maybe it was because I was young and around a lot but I have always believed that Jerry was the best. I think he was part lab, anyway he had the characteristics. He would always be ready on the top step of the porch ready to go when my brother and I can out to run the pasture in the south Texas summers. He stuck with us like glue, three pack mates but he knew boundaries and we could stand with the door open, not that you would in south Texas because of the bugs, and he wouldn't think of trying to sneak in. When all of us went inside he would settle down on his step. As kids we thought he was just waiting for us to come out but he was on guard. We knew he was a loyal dog and a fierce defender of his boys, he had already taken on a rattler for my brother, but we didn't know how serious he was about it until one day when my grandparents came to visit. They had been to our house several times so Jerry knew them. Usually we were there to meet them but this time we were late. We came roaring up our dirt road expecting to see my grandparents car empty and to find them enjoying a cold drink inside the house but they were walking around outside.

My mom asked her dad why they didn't go inside.

My grandfather said, "Jerry wouldn't let us. We could walk around outside and he was fine but as soon as we started up the steps, particularly the top step, he went to war."

You see, Jerry didn't care if he knew you or not if you weren't a member of his pack you would have to kill him to get to them. He was the best.


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    Dogs can smell family resemblance the first time they meet you.
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    NN: I wonder to what degree of relation and is it a gene DNA thing or just the same household with smells from diet?
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    Smell serves to identify members of a dogs pack, a dogs brain has a very large part devoted to smell, that is why a dog will smell you carefully, then they know you are near just by your scent.
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    As far as I can tell so far, as long as the burglar brought treats. This would be blockhead.......
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