Season finale of top Shot was pretty darn good

Big ChiefBig Chief Senior MemberPosts: 30,195 Senior Member
Anyone else watch it? Could have been won by either of the final two contestants. Seven stations with different arms and one was with a cross-bow. And Chris won, an IT geek, not a professional competition shooter (yet?) or EX-something..Navy Seal/Sniper/SWAT........whatever.

I'd like to see a forum member get on that show!

I will watch that show again next season and I'm watching American Guns now. Few and far between good gun shows on TV. Sure there is a lot of criticism about both of the shows, but I like them.
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  • coolgunguycoolgunguy Senior Member Posts: 5,640 Senior Member
    It was pretty good, and it went right down to the wire too! The host is kind of cheesy, but I almost wonder if that isn't part of the schtick? Anyhow, I've watched it since the beginning and I'll watch it when it returns.

    I thought the IT dude winning it on the very last shot against the dude who should have taken it then and there (I didn't know there was such a thing as a world-champion grenadier?!) on the weapon that should have given a serious advantage to the 'loser' of the showdown....well, lets just say it made for a heck of a show!
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  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 1,924 Senior Member
    We watch the show also, my wife makes sure we don't miss Top Shot or Top Guns. Like both shows.

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