End of the spring buck season

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What a great evening. Tomorrow will be the end of the spring buck but I won't be go tomorrow so today is the last day for me. I wasn't going but suddenly decided to jump to my car and drive my one hour trip to hunting area. Called my father too and he wanted to join me. We went to one field in the middle of the forest and took our places 200 yards away from each other. Weather could be better. I lied down in the middle of the blueberry bushes and enjoyed the silence. After about an hour my dad told me through the hunting radio that couple of white tails came to the hay field for some dinner. Just minutes after that I saw couple of bull moose across the field where I was. They came to the hay field too and slowly walked, stopped, walked, stopped through the field. They looked magnificent.
I didn't even see any roes let alone got any but I really enjoyed watching those moose. Only four months and the moose season opens again... Have a nice summer and see you then you two bulls!
This One month long season went fast. I had some nice evenings and mornings and even got one roe. It feels good to end this "extra" hunting season. Spend some summer holiday and take our yearly two week trip to Creece with my family. And start a new deer season in the beginning of the September. Can't wait.

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