Stag arms quality question

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I went to my local lgs today and went looking at his ar barrels. I have been thinking about another upper with a longer barrel that I will put a scope on for a little more range than the one I have now. He had a 20 inch Anderson but it was 1 in 9. I asked him a few questions and he told me he had a good deal on a stag complete upper with a 24 inch stainless 1 in 8 wylde chamber. Does anybody have any experience with one of these. This won't be something for competition but something I could reach out 300 yards or so and be able to beat cpj.


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    Good luck beating cpj at 300... he upped his game. The last 300 yard target he showed me was under an inch. Stag? I haven't heard anything bad about them. I would buy one for the right price.
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    I have a couple of Stags...well made and reliable.
    What's the barrel contour on that cousin had a 24" full bull and it's crazy barrel 24" RRA has a fluted heavy contour and the difference is remarkable...
    At any rate it will do the job you want it to do...

    My 6.8 Stag has a 20" barrel and I have taken it out to tad over 400 yards with success. sure to check out the offering from Palmetto State Armory , they always have some good deals..

    Since you already have a BCG and Charging Handle.....
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    Better eat your Wheaties, pa-paw.
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    I had that very upper. The first 10 shots off a rest at 100 yards using mil spec ammo had 8 of the 10 touching each other. I sold it because I didn't like a 12 pound AR.
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