Winchester XPR?

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Has anyone had any experience with a Winchester XPR rifle? I was going to buy one in 7mm Mag. and don't know much about it. I was looking to buy a Remington 25-06 but can't find one in my price range. I am still looking at other options and calibers but the 7mm Mag. just got my attention


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    I haven't heard much about them, but in that price range the Ruger American is well established.

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    Haven't read anything bad about them, but the few I've handled just felt cheap. For that price, with a little digging, you can find a used rifle of much higher quality. And the 7mm Rem is likely in the top 5 most sold rifles, so there are plenty of used ones. I see dozens looking online frequently.
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    Remington 700s in 7 mag are $379 at Walmart and Academy.
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    Every time I pick up a Winchester bolt gun, I expect it to feel like a Model 70.....of late I've been disappointed....
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