Cost of CCW Permit in Kommiefornia



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    Old Ron wrote: »
    Why can't they just speak english ?
    I did like the one question .......are you now or ever suffered from any form of mental illness ?
    The true answer is yes we all have.........I said no. In 4 days got my 5 year permit.

    What I think they mean is, "Have you ever been Hospitalized for a mental disorder, Voluntarily or Involuntarily." If you've ever suffered a job threatening depression that wouldn't go away or heard little gremlins in your head telling you to behave badly and, as a result, you voluntarily sought medical help or had to be involuntarily committed (court appointed) then you would answer yes.

    I think everyone goes through highs and lows from time to time that's the nature of life. As long as you recovered on your own without ill (suffered) effects, you're good.

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    I miss the old Florida Carry Permits. Our carry permits are issued through the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and as such had the Agriculture Commissioner's name and signature as the issuing authority.

    Current permits have Commissioner Adam Putnam's signature on them. While he seems to be a good commissioner.... the old commissioner was Charles Bronson. I miss those permits.
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  • MichakavMichakav Senior Member Posts: 2,001 Senior Member
    PA is $19 and shall issue. Pass the NICS and you get it on the spot.
  • ArmoredmanArmoredman Member Posts: 289 Member
    Arizona is $65 for the permit, IIRC, but it is only useful for a few things, especially avoiding the background check wait...all 15 minutes of it. Constitutional Carry merely requires you survive to 21 without becoming a prohibited possessor. ;)
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 773 Senior Member
    It was $ 50 here for a 5 year.......$ 25 for the next 5 year if they don't change the laws in the meantime
  • NomadacNomadac Senior Member Posts: 840 Senior Member
    Indiana Four Year Concealed Carry Permit Local fee $10/$5 State fee $30.00 Lifetime Permit Local fee $50/$30 "State fee $75.00

    House votes to remove fee for lifetime Indiana gun permit.

    Don't you Kommiefornia Guys wish you lived in Indiana?

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