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I've just watched a movie called 'Sweet Country"
Set in Australia, in my humble uncritical opinion it is every bit as good as "The Proposition"  and "Rabbit Proof Fence"
All of which are well worth a watch

If you would like to try  something uniquely Kiwi 

"Hunt for the Wilderpeople"
 "Once we were Warriors" [This is a hard social statement, not to everyone's taste.]
"Whale rider"

Others like 
"The worlds fastest Indian" about Burt Munro's world record time on and old Indian bike is the salt lake flats, "Heavenly Creatures"  and "The Piano"
Are probably more widely know but if you haven't seen them are also well worth a look.

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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 22,278 Senior Member
    Looked a few of those up on the IMDB site. They look like they would be some interesting movies to watch. I'll keep an eye out for them on satellite and on Amazon movie section. There are some good movies over there that never make it over here.
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  • bellcatbellcat Senior Member Posts: 1,236 Senior Member
    The Worlds Fastest Indian and Man From Snowy River are 2 of my down under favorites! Rabbit Proof Fence is outstanding as well.
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