Democrats up to the usual stuff

104RFAST104RFAST Senior MemberPosts: 1,195 Senior Member

Its coming,perhaps not this time around.They will not rest until this is the Law of the land


  • terminator012terminator012 Senior Member Posts: 2,888 Senior Member
    They will never stop trying.
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 31,169 Senior Member
    Like a pack of Hyenas that keep trying to bite chunks outta our RKBA a little at a time until they eventually succeed in crippling and then consuming their prey.

    It doesn't always work if the prey mounts a counter offensive........IOW fight back hard never let your guard down. Sometimes/Places they get a foot in the door when they overwhelm their victims............

    Like Hyenas its their nature.
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
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  • Make_My_DayMake_My_Day Senior Member Posts: 6,441 Senior Member
    Hyenas is a good analogy.
    Political correctness is a liberal degrading of the freedom of speech. George Orwell's 1984 famously incorporated the notion of limiting thought through language (see Newspeak)." Meanwhile, the beatings will continue until morale improves around here.
  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 1,644 Senior Member
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    My favorite part so far. Sec 2 C. 3 

    (3) to restrict the availability of qualifying firearms to criminals, youth, and other persons prohibited by Federal law from receiving firearms;

    You mean the part of current Federal law that makes it already ILLEGAL for them to possess?!
    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    Winston Churchill
  • bullsi1911bullsi1911 Moderator Posts: 9,195 Senior Member
    they are going to make it more illegaler.  And if that does not work, then it will be double secret more illegaler.

    To make something simple is a thousand times more difficult than to make something complex.
    -Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 652 Senior Member
    It will work........just about as well as the gun laws in Chicago have reduced the gun violence ...... only about a dozen people a day get one city.  Yep, them gun laws work goooood!

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