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Thread: New AR/AK Rifle Hybrid

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    New AR/AK Rifle Hybrid

    NC Gun Maker Producing New AR/AK Rifle Hybrid In The Face Of Gun Control Legislation

    What is your opinion of this? I looked but didn't see any other post on this, sorry if I missed it.

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    Re: New AR/AK Rifle Hybrid

    Isn't RRA making one of those already?


    Edited to add: oh, i was too soon, i guess its from the reverse side of the equation...
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    Re: New AR/AK Rifle Hybrid

    Oh, I saw this guy on Doomsday Preppers a few weeks back. Not a chance in heck I'd buy a rifle from this guy. I'm pretty sure it's just a bubba'd up saiga that's been modified to accept AR mags, but I could be wrong. I remember him talking about his custom rifle on the show and don't remember being all that impressed.
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