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Thread: Auto censor update

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    Auto censor update

    The Mods and many forum members have noted that there has been a steady increase in auto censor by-passes and we are kindly asking that you please refrain from these efforts. There are plenty of words and phrases in our great English language that you can use to get your point across.
    This is a reminder that we will edit out every censor bypass we come across and if it is of a sexual nature, a true curse word or references to female hygiene products, your post will be deleted. Continued multiple offenses could result in banning, mostly because the volunteers that have to clean up after you kids just don't have the time for this and are kind of tired of it.
    In the meantime we have made a few changes to the auto censor bad-word list, adding a couple that relate to feminine hygiene. And because "ass" and "bitch" have become acceptable in most circles—including prime time, over-the-air TV—we have removed them from the list.
    Again, we ask for your help to self-police and to avoid wasting your time and ours by trying to go around the auto censor.

    Admin and the Mods

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    Re: Auto censor update

    How about first names, D or Richard etc... That is not a cuss word or euphemism...
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    Re: Auto censor update

    Why? We are full growed adults.
    Just look at the flowers Lizzie, just look at the flowers.

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