Many of you have, over the years seen this gun posted by me. It was picked up about 15 years ago and it put a lot of work into it just for the heck of it, because the gun had potential, but the finish sucked. It's one of the more desirable Argys because it was made when "FN" was licensing Argentina to make copies of the Hi-Power. So, I bead blasted it, stippled the heck out of it and parkerized it and it turned out pretty nice. Then I tightened the slide to rail fit and smoothed it out and it went from a 5" 25 yard pistol to a 2" 25 yard pistol. Then I put an extra heavy recoil spring in it and it became a jamo-matic until I took a couple coils off the spring. Now, she's just about right.

Over the years, the frame and slide have taken on slightly different patinas, owing to the different hardness of the metals I suppose.

Anyway, for more photos, you can go to gunbroker and search FM Hi-Power. My dealer has it for sale there, but we can make our own connections via PM.