Have an elderly patient who has a beautiful Uberti 1860 .44 Army, but this one has the fully fluted cylinder so it's a bit lighter and very nice. It was shot one time - meaning one or two cylinders full, cleaned and put away. Her hubby died some years back and it's remained in the closet ever since. I'd like to help her out. If anyone is seriously interested, I could take a few photos and provide them. She showed it to me yesterday and if I were still in the black powder faze, I'd have snapped it up.

I'd like to know what anyone thinks it's worth, but based on what I've seen on Gun Broker, between 250 and 275 seems to be the going rate for Uberti 1860s, but keep in mind, this one has the "fully" fluted cylinder, meaning the flutes go all the way to the back of the cylinder and this is a bit rare for the 1860. It's classy.