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Thread: Wts/wtt nib s&w 460 xvr

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    Wts/wtt nib s&w 460 xvr - Sold

    Sold, thanks for looking.

    For Sale price FTF, $1100 or $1150 with two boxes of Hornady 460 S&W, ammo.

    I've never fired this gun since acquiring and only test fired at factory.
    Comes with all that factory included.

    Would trade for upscale 1911,- TRP, Grand Raptor, Les Baer, etc... Would add $$ for right trade.
    Would also trade for M1A Socom or Squad,

    For some reason, I don't get email notifications if someone posts or PM's me.
    For more pics or info, email me at wizard78(at)Bellsouth(dot)net
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