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Thread: Goose hunt fun (...soooo close to a personal first)

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    Re: Goose hunt fun (...soooo close to a personal first)

    Quote Originally Posted by NN View Post
    You seem to be moving more often than we did.
    Interestingly enough, this is actually a slower pace than a generation ago. They used to move you every 2 years. Someone with sense realized how outrageously expensive that becomes across the span of the service and they eventually cut it back to every years. Now, it's back to every 3 years in order to ensure career diversification and position backfill. If I end up back in Nebraska, you won't hear me complaining. I already have a Nebraska lifetime hunt permit/habitat stamp/waterfowl stamp that I bought on my last tour there, so all I need to do for waterfowl is buy my annual federal waterfowl stamp.
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    Re: Goose hunt fun (...soooo close to a personal first)

    Clean said we moved 19 times, early years with training commands in the loop caused more moves, then the war and unaccompanied overseas tours
    caused more since Clean and the kids had to get out of Qtrs and went home near family.
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