Love my G17 gen 4. Have been carrying it everyday for two years. Lately I think i might like a bit more conceal ability . My wife has a Glock G26 gen 3. Her arthritis keeps her from carrying it or even wanting to shoot it...So i will sgtart carrying it. I ordered a pair pf Magpul Pmag 12(12 rounders with an extended baseplate). Have been dry fire practicing with them and they are very LIKABLE ! So now I have a spot for my Pinky, with the G26. Hopefully next wek I'll get to a range where they don't have a COW when you shot JHP. If they cycle both range and my SD ammo. I'll start upgrading the sights and getting a decent Holster for it (First choice is a friend who expects to start bending Kydex again soon, or if he doesn't by summer I like Tulster Holster and Knightfall Holster products. I also want to eithe use XS Big Dot Sights or the New Mepro (Mako) FT Bullseye Sights.Pmag12-2a.jpgPmag12-3a.jpg