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Thread: Two Nebraska Hybrid Turkeys in Two Days

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    Two Nebraska Hybrid Turkeys in Two Days

    In preparation for my move to Nebraska this Summer, the wife and I came out to house hunt. We scored a nice place fast, which left me a little bit of time to hunt before our home inspection.

    With a little help from some local friends to help me freshen up on where the birds should be, I managed to score two birds in as many days on public land.

    The first bird was a Jake taken as part of a double with my friend Anmal. He came over from Iraq to join his stateside family here after the second Gulf War kicked off and the post-Saddam terrorism came his way. Despite what you hear about refugees, he's a great guy who has learned English and works hard for a living.

    The second bird was a nice Tom: 10.5" beard and 1.25" spurs. Scored him skirting the public land boundary fence just on the legal side. Lucky!

    All in all, it made for a spectacular couple of days. Can't wait for the PA and OH openers to hopefully get a couple more before I leave!
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