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Thread: Had a run in with a Liberal fanatic

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    Re: Had a run in with a Liberal fanatic

    Quote Originally Posted by 104RFAST View Post
    Liberal fanatics are Marxist, once you accept this,why would want to have a political
    discussion with one. Liberalism/Marxism,Man made global warming all represent the Religion of the left. Don't waste your time!!

    OK, fair enough and I agree. But I had no idea going in how big a libtard the guy was. In fact I had no idea of his political leanings. We were talking civily about some old times and just chewing the fat in general. I had the TV on fox. It's actually in the other room, but he heard Trump on it. He immediately started to lose it. Then he went into RANT mode. He kept saying "That's a Lying SOB! That's a Lying SOB! The mistake I made was saying all politicians lie. And then I really stepped in the doo-doo! I admitted voting for Trump and he went balistic. I never saw it coming.
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