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My family emigrated to the US in 1958 and my dad bought his first gun and started hunting with the help of his co-workers in about 1967. There was no long standing family tradition to fall back on except for never wasting any meat. Back then in Wisconsin, you had a nine day season to hopefully kill a deer and if you got one, nothing was wasted. The closest thing that we had to a tradition was our dinner on the first day that a deer was shot. The law didn't allow us to butcher a deer until it was home so internal organs were all you could eat at camp. On the night of the kill, we would have liver and heart for dinner. We would saute a pile of onions and peppers in bacon grease, and then take the thinly sliced heart and liver and fry it in the bacon grease, then mix it together and serve it with potatoes. It actually was pretty good but I learned that if you didn't consume the liver on the day it was shot, it would taste like crap and had to be tossed.
All that my friend was the beginning of your family's hunting traditions. When youall cooked the heart and liver and ate it on the first day, you were celebrating your first kill of the season. Your dad started some great traditions. You are a truly blessed man. AND you have a very good woman to share experiences with. BTW, it was a great experience being around you two at the SE shoot. I hope to bring my new girl next time. I'm thinking Debbie and Annie will hit it off good.