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I beg to differ...slapping an occupied police car is begging to get shot, or at least harassed or arrested.

Never approach a cop. If you REALLY need to speak to one, call 911 and let them come to you. Even then you are at risk of arrest, injury, or even death.

Just ask a cop:

I have done it, some lady pulled into my driveway at about 2 AM as she got pulled over and the cop had his roof lights on and woke me up, I went out to see what was up, after seeing her in the police car with the officer talking to her and the dome light on, I tapped the car a couple times to alert the officer, I did scare him for a moment until he recognized me, he rolled down the window and I greeted him and asked if the stop involved me, he said no and I told him the lights woke up my house, and he shut them off, I was not too concerned but I was being careful, I wanted to see if she was doing burglar stuff. I know most of the cops in town and they know me and where I live, so there is that.