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Thread: 56 Years Ago Today

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    56 Years Ago Today

    I experienced my FIRST 9-11. 9-11-1961 was a Monday. At approximately 4:P.M. Hurricane Carla, a strong cat 4 Hurricane which had been a Cat 5 that morning came ashore at Port O'Connor Texas, 20 miles south of here at the mouth of the Bay. They experienced strong cat 4 winds of 145-150 MPH and 22 foot storm surge. We had 18 1/2 foot surge here at the bay front in Port Lavaca. A 175 MPH gust was felt here in Port Lavaca. 56 years later it's still listed in the top 10 most intense Atlantic Hurricanes. Hurricane intensity is rated by central pressure. Carla's lowest recorded was 9.31 MBs. The lowest ever recorded was in the Labor Day storm of 1935 at something like 8.85 MB. If you go by wind speed Carla was one of the strongest. At one point t packed 175 MPH winds before it moved inland. If you rate it by its storm surge it's probably like number 4 on the list. As a young boy of 13 years this all made a BIG Impression on me, even though we were in Austin when it hit. Coming home and looking at the damage and sights got my attention to say the least.
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    Wow! What a day. 56 years ago I was 2 years from being a twinkle in my momma's eyes.

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