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Thread: Hurricane preparedness......

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    Re: Hurricane preparedness......

    People always complain about Arizona being so hot, but we get a tornado once every ten years or so, which MIGHT touch down briefly, monsoon rains with the occasional flash flood, but general very, very few natural disasters. I've never seen a storm shutter out here, basement or storm cellar.

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    Re: Hurricane preparedness......

    We have a preponderance of decorative storm shutters, out here. They are
    great for those decorative storms. Am currently looking into fabricating
    permanent wood shutters, now, in advance of the next storm. As soon as
    we are done making covers for the generators.

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    Re: Hurricane preparedness......

    About the worst we can get is power outages after a microburst or blizzard. Along with generators that can run the gas furnace, and freezers, I made a room in the basement that is nothing but shelves where the camping gear is and the canned goods go. We have canned goods over stocked so we dont "need" to go shopping right away. If it lasted a while we would be down to spaghetti sauce, refried beans and canned pumpkin. So a week or so in I would try a Mexicano Thanksgiving Souffle on one of the Coleman stoves.

    The plan was this spring to put up a chimney and get a wood stove in the basement because with 52 ac of woods, it is just plain dumb to not have some kind of wood heat, but the plan fell through. It is going to happen this spring though.
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    Re: Hurricane preparedness......

    So far, the worst I have ever experienced has been a 5 day power outage, as a result of a widespread winter storm that brought down power lines over a large area. No big deal, compared to what the recent hurricane victims are experiencing, but definitely an eye opener. Lack of an alternative to electric power forced us out of the house, and I considered that unacceptable. Since then, I have installed a wood stove for heating and acquired a generator to run the freezers and a few lights, and started keeping a store of canned goods and the 'staples' of cooking (flour, sugar, cooking oil, etc.). With a Coleman stove and a charcoal grill, I am good to go for a month or more, depending on how many of my 13 member family show up for the duration.

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