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Thread: Quarterbacking the bow hunters this evening

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    Quarterbacking the bow hunters this evening

    Decided to let all of the boys bow hunt this evening. My DIL and I got bored and decided to go help. We got up into my double stand on the Side Rd stand on perimeter of my property and my neighbors. I have a great view of two different hunting area. When deer would pop out on the road I text the boys. We were sitting there and I told my DIL my oldest just shot and missed. She said how do you know he's shooting a bow. I said I could hear the tell tale sound of an arrow going through branches. I was correct, he missed two hogs.

    Got to say I really enjoyed Grace's company this evening just watching for critters and letting the boys know when I saw something.

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    Re: Quarterbacking the bow hunters this evening

    If the only reason I went to the woods was to shoot something, I would have quit a long time ago.

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