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Thread: First fall coyote hunt this week

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    First fall coyote hunt this week

    Tried calling a couple sets Tuesday morning. A newly retired buddy accompanied me, he reminded me we drove all over the last time last winter without seeing anything.
    Tuesday the weather was building up a rain and the wind finally blew hard enough to spoil it around 1030.
    On our first set I caught a pair coming hard around 600 yards only to have them disappear into a draw ,never to reappear after about 16 minutes of calling using mostly a bird distress call. I waited a few after losing sight of them and fired up pup distress, after 6 minutes of that call I spotted a dark colored dog looking at me around 100 yards heading for the caller. I'm sure he caught me turning my head with the binocs scanning.
    I told Eric there's one by the fence and squared up in the scope. The coyote was deciding that he should scoot about then and would not stop when I barked at him. Eric shot first and I saw the rear end of the coyote flinch in my scope as I pulled off as well. Ended not finding him, but was a good start for the new season just getting out and seeing the country. he was shooting an AR s& w version and I brought my bolt action savage both in 223 for this hunt.

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    Re: First fall coyote hunt this week

    I miss that country.....
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    Re: First fall coyote hunt this week

    Beautiful country. Keep at it.
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