Okay, so I bought one of these coz I've lost some weight and my pants and belt are a bit too large and I like to carry a little heavier gun from time to time. Also, I wanted something that didn't require a belt when I do my speed walking and other outdoor activities. Here's the link.


It works very well with a full size 1911, a Commander size and a compact. It also works well with the XD-S, the Kahr CW-9 and my Tristar T-100. It distributes the weight so that it doesn't feel like the gun is sitting on one side of the body.

It's snug. Secure and actually feels more comfortable than the Remora I've been using.

The belly band also allows for me to put a lumbar appliance in it from a back support band I occasionally wear when I've strained my back.

I don't use the security snap. so that is a relatively useless accessory.

The magazine wells work well and what I do is, move the strap either fore or aft of the magazine body to provide a little additional friction.

For the discounted price, it's a good buy. Not sure if the normal price is justifiable, but it is definitely comfortable.

I'd call it a good product.