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My reaction to the FN P90 and HK MP-7 has been "Congratulations guys! You invented the M1 Carbine".

It took me a while to get to the level of understanding, but the fact is that the vast majority of any body of individuals who pick up a rifle will have no clue of how or inclination to exploit a 500-yard capable weapon, let alone a 1000-yard one. We've NEVER had a culture that would enable us to field and army composed entirely of Carlos Hathcocks, and we certainly don't now. Once you wrap your bean around that, issuing weapons like the M1 Carbine to the masses begins to make a lot of sense.

It's interesting that even after they invented the thing for that purpose, the U.S. military seems to have been among the last to fully come to grips with that. My understanding is that a lot of M1 Carbines were used by the ARVN, but I'm not aware of McNamara's Whiz Kid groups doing any studies of how they performed in that arena. Given the teething problems of the early M16 at the time, it might have been a tad embarrassing for them.
They were pretty popular with the militia and with the Americans early in the war, but once the M 16 got its act together, they were less popular. Advisors liked them early in the war because they weren't M 14s. When I was over there, the M 16s were ARVN rifles and the M1 carbines were kinda obsolete. The M 16s were superior as to affect and rate of fire.