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Thread: I survived without having to slit my wrists!

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    I survived without having to slit my wrists!

    Since the new ranch house isn't done we're still living in the small 900 sq foot house on the ranch. My wife planned for a ladies weekend months ago thinking the new house would be done...WRONG! This past weekend we had nine of her co-workers out and no place for me to escape! I thought about my tent but it was in storage a long with most everything I own. Friday night the screaming dance music on the front porch didn't shut off until after 2 am. Did I ever tell y'all just how much I hate dance music. Then they came in to get ready for bed beyond three sheets to the wind! They were almost as loud as the dance music. Saturday I played tour and fishing guide and we even went out for a night time hog hunt. Not that we were going to shoot anything with all the hen cackling going on as we walked. Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night. Up dancing until 2 am. I tried to escape to church on Sunday morning but found myself being the "Camp Crazy Ladies" cook.

    A few packed up and headed home...but not all of them. I was really hoping for a relaxing afternoon to lay around and do nothing. Nope, the remaining bunch wanted to 4-wheel around the ranch and hunt deer in the evening. I did make them all go get hunting licenses. Now I had half crazy women who some shot a rifle for the first time that afternoon on the rifle range all headed out with high power rifles to deer hunt. I went an sat in my neighbors box blind with the video camera. Thank goodness no one shot at deer or anything else.

    They got back from hunting and all of the remaining women packed up and headed home. I made nacho's and sat down and watched TV. My wife was worn out and in bed at 8:30.

    I'm telling you folks it was touch and go there for a while! I did survive and I didn't slit my wrist!
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