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Thread: Advanced C and C Feedback

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    Advanced C and C Feedback

    Went to the class, it was decent.

    We focused a lot on laws, making sure we knew when and where and what defines 'concealed.' I certainly learned from that.

    Much was discussed on holsters and carrying styles.

    We watched several videos from security cameras of incidents where people drew their weapons and had to evaluate each one using the

    M - means

    O - opportunity

    J - Jeopardy

    Most was common sense, but dealing with adrenaline was brought up a lot.

    It was taught by a local who has a range and makes Steel targets, and a Minnesota highway patrolman.

    We will go to his private range on Saturday for range qualification.

    Overall, satisfied. I will think over the $154 dollar enhanced permit and weather or not I really need it.

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    Re: Advanced C and C Feedback

    Glad it was decent. Looking forward to your range report of the shooting portion.
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