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Thread: Hail to the Queen

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    Re: Hail to the Queen

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver43 View Post
    Funny thing, Military and Government employees are not allowed to be booked in First Class unless certain specifications are met and most require a 3 star cover letter, oconus to oconsus travel being one exception.

    Funny how our tax dollars can be used to pay for a first class ticket for congress and senate personnel, but not those wearing a uniform.

    Airline upgrades and sky miles may be accepted and used, but only a coach fare may be purchased
    This is true...when I was traveling for the government, if they could have put us in the baggage compartment, they would have....
    Now that I think about it.....they could let Sheila Jackson Lee travel there...just tell her it's and extra special accommodation....
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    Re: Hail to the Queen

    Quote Originally Posted by Teach View Post
    It's highly unlikely that Jackazz-Lee paid full price for a first class ticket. There's probably a substantial government discount involved, if she paid anything at all.
    I can guarantee you she did not...
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