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Thread: First week of the new year

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    First week of the new year

    Hi all!

    It's been a month since my last deer. Reason? No place for venison. Our both freezers have been exploding from the deer I have got this season. Finally my wife gave in to my whining and gave the green light for third freezer. Game was on once again. Our season for deer hunting ends at the end of the january. So, last tuesday I went into the the field to wait for the darkness. We have had no snow here in weeks. Instead it was pouring rain. I took a "comfy" position laying on the soaking wet ground and using my back pack as rest for my rifle. After about an hour dusk started to come. Suddenly I noticed movement on the field! Deer? No, just a moose cow with her calf came to eat. Season (and licences) are out for the moose so I just enjoyed watching them while laying in the ever stronger rain.

    I had had company from the two moose for about 30 minutes when I saw a young deer stepping from the pretty dark forest. I questimated it to be about 160 yards away from me. Good enough as the darkness was thickening fast. It was in about 45 degrees angle away from me. Put quickly my scope's red dot behind deer's shoulder a pulled the trigger. Deer jumped up and bolted to soaking wet, muddy field. No, no, no, don't fall there! after about 20 yards took sharp turn into the dark forest. Phew...

    I started to walk on the side of the field towards the place where the deer disappeared from the field. Two moose keeps looking at me. Not moving. They have calendars in their back pockets. Obviously.
    I lighted my flashlight and at that point two moose starts to slowly walk away from me, 150 yards from my place. I jump into the forest and start to search for the deer. After a couple of minutes I found it laying. 20 yards from the field. Nice young deer. 10th of the season.

    Yesterday we had a driven hunt with our entourage and we had another hunting entourage with us. First drive in the morning we went into their hunting area. I got a high stand. Windy and cold. No sight of the deer. Couple of dachshunds kept the hare busy 150 yards away from me. Or was it vice versa? :)

    After some sausage burning by the camp fire we drove to our hunting area. I was in the middle of the chain of shooters. After about one hour of waiting I was getting bored. Still cold wind and some occasional snow falling from the dark skies. Suddenly lonely fawn approaches me from the forest. Jumping between the trees. Trying to get into the rhythm and aim to it's shoulder. Failing miserably and took a bit too much advance to it's speed. New round into the chamber and the fawn stops to look at me. It's only about 30 yards from me at that point. Decide to shoot to heart to avoid exploding too much meat. 180gr TTSX jumps into the air and the game is over. Fawn tries to get moving but falls quickly. I can't believe it, my 11th deer for this season. Every one else doesn't seem to be too surprised. Called me names, P the Deer Magnet...

    Later at home I found out totally exploded heart. And ribs. Too much speed from 30-06 from that distance. But, (hardly) no lost venison! And I got something to put into my new shiny freezer chest :)
    It's been an incredible season.





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    Re: First week of the new year

    Your second deer in the pictures doesn’t look like a whitetail. Am I just completely wrong?
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    Re: First week of the new year

    Quote Originally Posted by Farm Boy Deuce View Post
    Your second deer in the pictures doesn’t look like a whitetail. Am I just completely wrong?
    I was going to say the last picture with the rifle looks different
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    Re: First week of the new year

    Quote Originally Posted by Farm Boy Deuce View Post
    Your second deer in the pictures doesn’t look like a whitetail. Am I just completely wrong?
    I think it is a roedeer
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    Re: First week of the new year

    Lots of job done in the first week. Carry on!

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